Keep note that I do believe this information is mostly from the TW version. So some of the stuff you see might not be on the NA version yet.

Blade Master (Difficulty: ●●●◐○) Pros: Extremely powerful defense thanks to block and evade spam Can tank with +aggro traits High overall damage output Damage output can be very bursty (great for fighting bosses that have little downtime and for PvP) Can protect party members from ranged attacks (and all attacks if traited) Strong chi management while tanking

Cons: No party buffs Can only block attacks coming from the front Lots of damage comes from stationary lightning AoE, which can be avoided Loses noticeable amount of damage from loss of chi regen attack procs if not tanking or if the opponent times their attacks correctly in PvP

Kung-Fu Master (Difficulty: ●●●●◐) Pros: Like BM, can tank with +aggro traits Strong defense thanks to parry, with heavy emphasis on counter-attacks Very high sustained damage output with Blade And Soul Gold, especially with effective use of pressure point attacks Strong chi management, can spam attacks non-stop Can provide powerful healing during take-down or protect allies with an ice shield with the right traits Strong gap closers on short cds (one at 6s, another at 6s unless traited for knock-up)

Cons: Parry has a much smaller window than BM block (1 second) Can only parry attacks coming from the front Highest learning-curve of all classes, especially in PvP Heavily single-target oriented; limited AoE potential

Destroyer (Difficulty: ●●◐○○) Pros: Extremely durable: highest HP count of any class Spin-to-win – can provide immunity to daze, stun, and KB, increase movement speed, increase defense, and/or parry, depending on traits High sustained damage output in PvE, can be bursty in PvP Strongest CC abilities of any class; only class besides Blade Dancer that can hold a target down for 6s; gets the strongest buffs & debuffs during this state Relatively easy-to-use Can carry allies out of danger

Cons: Spin parry has the tightest possible timing (0.5s) Can be vulnerable without chi, even with high HP Can be dependent on Enrage/Adamant in PvP No party buffs outside of Seize/Suppress unless traited Gon exclusive

Force Master (Difficulty: ●●●○○) Pros: Long range (i.e. not melee) Strong chi management High sustained damage output Lots of roots and slows Great kiting ability Can protect party members from ranged attacks Pew-pew-pew!

Cons: Extremely squishy Difficult to use in PvP, nearly if not surpassing KFM-tier in terms of difficulty, thanks in large part to weak burst Aside from roots and slows, has weak CC synergy in PvE (must be quick to finish stun procs) Only has projectile/charge attack parry, which must be traited for and has the tightest possible timing (0.5s)

Assassin (Difficulty: ●●●●○) Pros: Very tricky: has lots of misdirection abilities, great for mind games in PvP Only class with built-in stealth besides Summoner, and the only class with offensive stealth abilities Is a friggin’ ninja Strong emphasis on DoTs and debuffs, can wear opponents down over time Strong omnidirectional dodge ability with decently long window (1.5s default, 1.0s with daze trait) Can protect party members from ranged attacks Can pull allies out of danger (if traited)

Cons: Squishy Weakest PvE CC synergy among melee classes; has no ability to hold down the enemy PvE contribution is often invisible (no pun intended) compared to other classes due to the nature of DoTs and debuffs Dodge has long cd (8s default, 12s with daze trait), is relatively easy to read in PvP Extremely vulnerable to wide AoEs knocking them out of stealth Second-hardest class to use after KFM Jin exclusive

Summoner (Difficulty: ●●○○○) Pros: Extraordinarily durable thanks to their ability to drain life from their cats, among other self-healing abilities Strong chi management Lots of DoTs and debuffs And party buffs! Cat is pretty cute, can tank and revive allies Very versatile and easy-to-play Omnidirectional dodge doubles as defense and stealth, can be applied to party members, resets cds on a number of damage abilities, and is hard to read in PvP

Cons: Vulnerable to cat being slept Cat AI can be unreliable and slow to respond Cat takes a long time to heal and takes time to resummon Hardest-hitting skills require a stationary target Slow attack speed and heavy reliance on DoTs Stealth-dodge has long cd (8s cd); only other defensive abilities are the back-dash (12s cd), and, if traited, a block (16s cd) Middling PvE CC synergy (not great at completing CC chains due to speed) Effectively jack-of-all-trades Lyn exclusive

Blade Dancer (Difficulty: ●●◐○○) Pros: Exceptional chi management post-rework Very high sustained damage output Extremely fast, rapid-fire attacks Very high AoE damage Strong CC abilities; only class besides Destroyer that can hold a target down for 6s Highly mobile: has the strongest movement speed boost on a spammable charge, will always win in a foot race Spin-to-win – can provide immunity to daze, stun, and KB, increase movement speed, increase defense, and/or parry, depending on traits Relatively easy-to-use

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