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Cmon, NCSoft, you guys did it with Aion and it didn’t work out so you removed it from your western release of Aion. Please, please for all of us having issues with it, remove this. It’s never been proven to keep out hackers and has a higher success rate of getting people banned that have been playing legit. It’s hurting your game and playerbase.

Not only is this software currently giving you an immense amount of bug reports for Windows users but it’s also the single piece of software that’s keeping us Linux users from being able to enjoy the game as well you have a lot of Blade And Soul Gold. Devs, I’m sure you’re all aware of the Russian localization client versions that were out before the release of which will not be mentioned any further due to their nature. This game runs beautifully through WINE for Linux users when GameGuard isn’t keeping us from playing due to the way it works. GameGuard has single-handedly destroyed the ability for other platform users to play over 20 big name games.

Countless players are getting warnings from their virus scanners, having numerous bugs, and even many uninstalling and swearing the game off due to this small piece of software.

GameGuard is essentially a rootkit and shouldn’t be necessary in order for the community to play and enjoy Blade And Soul. It wasn’t a necessity for Aion and was removed. Please remove it from the western client like you did with Aion.

Do it to help yourselves, get rid of it before it becomes a stinking mess like it did in Aion. You’ll have less bug reports to deal with Cheap BNS Gold, you’ll have a happier community, and you’ll also be supporting platform freedom to a certain extent, something which many, many major gaming companies have already done and in turn has gained them a stronger, larger playerbase.

For any committed BnS players who support the removal and/or replacement of GameGuard, please +1 this post and show your support so we can have this removed before live launches in January. If we do this now, we can see the game we’ve all become addicted to grow stronger.

Ok all checked out… so windows update should be .. never mind 200 Mbps down and there shitty servers… can.t do it.. gonna be long wait
3 hours later and endless restarts windows is up to date… even start screaming to upgrade to win10… no fraking way..

Starting BnS… and….. FRAK.. error 4049 WTH
Ok reinstall of BnS
39 Min later fresh install of BnS let’s start it…….. Fraking error 4049 again!
So ok shutting down virusscanner.. nope error 4049
So where do I have to Buy Blade And Soul Gold….
Ok let’s shut down other stuff in the taskbar…
Displayfusion… nope error 4049
Synapsis… nope error 4049
Steam… nope error 4049
Google drive… nope error 4049
Nvidia Experience… nope error 4049 (yeah getting desperate now)
Nahimic for MSI… what wait EUREKA!!! we have lift off BnS is working again…..

So what is Nahimic for MSI, it’s a AUDIO ENHANCING, recording program for gamecapture/stream and audio recording.
Why on this holly earth is this seen as a hacking program…

Allmost 5 hours lost and a shitload of frustration because of a AUDIO ENHANCING program http://gaming.msi.com/features/nahimic
Which is comes with my MoBo… go figure!

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