I am a level 130 hero with 18-20k buffed range but I am physically unable to solo normal Zakum. I can take it down relatively quick to low hp but everytime that I try and finish it off, it spawns a billion minions; spams that 1/1 spell, and debuffs me to hell. I bring all cures, I have plenty of reindeer milk but cannot heal fast enough before I die. Its frustrating and pathetic.

It’s definitely your problem, not the class. That range seems low for more MS Mesos, so enhance your equipment if possible, at least up to 6*. Also, make sure you’re using level-appropriate gear if possible.

Make sure you’re using Enrage as you’ll do more damage than without it. Keep potions that heal percentage of HP on you for when you’re hit with 1/1. Cheap option is Honsters from NLCs item shop (you can teleport there using the dimensional mirror).

Heroes have a naturally low range because their combo orbs (which more than double their damage output) don’t show on their damage range in the stats window.

Make sure to maintain the debuffs from Panic and Puncture as they give you even more damage, and use Magic Crash a few seconds after his magic cancel skill runs out (the one that looks like the attack cancel but doesn’t reduce your damage to 1s) because that will block him from using his attack cancel skill which saves you a lot of wasted potions and potential deaths.

Panic itself doesn’t increase your own damage, but Heroes have a passive effect in 3rd job that increases their damage on blinded enemies by 25-30% (can’t remember the exact number) so yes it’s definitely worth using MapleStory Mesos, more so than puncture to be honest. You can ignore the minions that are up at the ceiling but kill the ones hovering around you. You can get 1-2 combo’d by Zakum’s 1/1 attack followed by touch damage from the monsters… not fun.

In all honesty, my recommendation would be to go with an Explorer class. Aside from Pirates, they were the first classes in the game and are sort of your average classes. That way, you’ll be able to understand the basic mechanics of the game that all of the other classes build off with Cheap MapleStory Mesos, and you’ll probably be able to appreciate playing more classes overall in the end if you stick with the game.

emon Avenger, Demon Slayer, or Aran will give you Stance before 4th job and will help you hunt easier, they’re also pretty strong on their own without funds.

Dawn Warriors and Blaze Wizards are also good starting classes as they’ll give a passive buff to every other character you have on the world and they don’t need mastery books so you get to save money.

Don’t be scared by the above post, the only difficulty to Aran is if you want your finger or keyboard to die before 4th job or not.

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